University of Florida

Centers and Programs

Name Phone Fax Website

Center for Agricultural and Natural Resource Law (352)392-1881 ext 327(352)392-9898 website
Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants (352)392-9613(352)392-3462 website
Center for Cooperative Agricultural Programs - FAMU (850)599-3546(850)561-2151 website
Center for Food Distribution and Retailing (352)273-4778(352)392-5653 website
Center for Landscape Conservation & Ecology (352) 273-4511(352) 392-1413 website
Center for Nutritional Sciences (352)392-1991 ext 222(352)392-1008 website
Center for Public Issues Education (352)273-2588 website
Center for Remote Sensing (352)392-1864 ext 280(352)392-4092 website
Center for Sustainable and Organic Food Systems (352)273-3538(352)392-8196 website
Center for Tropical Agriculture (352)392-1965(352)392-7127 website
Energy Extension Service (352)392-8074(352)392-4092 website
Florida Center for Renewable Chemicals and Fuels (352)392-0237(352)392-5922 website
Florida Sea Grant College (352)392-5870(352)392-5113 website
Herbarium (352)273-1990(352)846-2016 website
Interdisciplinary Center for Biotechnical Research - ICBR (352)392-8408(352)392-8598 website
International Agricultural Trade and Policy Center (352)294-7634(352)846-0988 website
International Programs (352)392-1965(352)392-7127 website
Office of IFAS Business Services (352)392-1733 website
Straughn IFAS Extension Professional Development Center (352)294-2915(352)392-4308 website
UF Juice and Beverage Center (352)392-1991 ext 208(352)392-9467 website
Water Institute (352)392-5893(352)392-6855 website