On the search data entry form, enter the first and last name (i.e. John Smith) of the person you want to find. If you don't know the person's full name, you can search by either first name or last name. If you don't know the person's full name or exact spelling, simply type in the first few letters of first name or last name. The search results will display all the records of all the people whose names contain those first few letters. If you know the person's email, you may search by email. You may also perform your search by different criteria in the advanced search.

Search by Sample Entry
First and last name John Smith
Last name and first initial J Smith
First name and last initial John S
First name John
Last name Smith
Nickname and last name Joe Smith
Partial first and last name Jo Smi
Partial last name Smit
e-mail address user@ufl.edu
Expertise insect

Enter search keywords in the data entry and make sure to select the check box that says "Check here if you search by employee expertise. "

Sample search string

Search keywords Search results
Pest management Search employee's specialty with the words "pest" or "management."
Pest and Management Search employee's specialty with words "pest" and "management."

You are recommended to add the IFAS Directory to your mobile device's Home Screen for one-touch access to the system.

iPhone or iPad
1. Open the browser and navigate to the IFAS Directory website.
2. Tap the icon on your screen
3. Tap "Add to Home Screen" then tap "Add"

1. Open the browser and navigate to the IFAS Directory website.
2. Tap the menu three-dot icon on the up-right corner
3. Tap "Add to Home Screen" then tap "Add"

Select the unit name from the pulldown option. Then click on the Search button to display the unit's directory information and web address.

If you want to find someone in a unit, Advanced Search allows you to search for a group of people who meet your search criteria. First, select a unit name you want to search. Then you may limit your search with employee job responsibilities, and employee type. If you choose more than one check box in the employee type or job responsibilities, employees that meet either criterion will be displayed. For example, if both Extension and Research are selected under job responsibilities, the search results will include all faculty in the unit with either extension or research appointment.