Photo of R. Elaine Turner (Elaine)
R. Elaine Turner (Elaine)
Dean and Professor, Ph.D.
Photo of Robert Bailey (Rob)
Robert Bailey (Rob)
Production Specialist
Owen Beatty
Education-Training Specialist II, Ed.S.
Matthew R. Brannan (Matt)
Academic Assistant II
Photo of Kylie E. Brannen
Kylie E. Brannen
Executive Assistant I, B.A.
Photo of Joel H. Brendemuhl
Joel H. Brendemuhl
Associate Dean and Professor, Ph.D.
Photo of Cathy Carr
Cathy Carr
Associate In, M.S.
Photo of Natalie Coers
Natalie Coers
Lecturer, Ph.D.
Photo of Jenai Collins
Jenai Collins
Academic Assistant II
Maureen Cox
Academic Advisor II
Photo of Jane Dolder
Jane Dolder
Academic Assistant III, Undergraduate Admissions/Dr
Photo of H. Charlotte Emerson (Charlotte)
H. Charlotte Emerson (Charlotte)
Associate In, Ph.D.
Photo of James T. Fant
James T. Fant
Academic Assistant III
Michael Harrington (Mike)
Instructional Designer III
Photo of Andrew A. Horvath
Andrew A. Horvath
Academic Advisor I
Photo of Annette Isenhour
Annette Isenhour
Administrative Support Assistant
Photo of Barbra C. Larson
Barbra C. Larson
Assistant Director, Education or Training Programs, Ph.D.
Photo of Dina Liebowitz
Dina Liebowitz
Field and Fork Program Coordinator
Photo of James Longanecker
James Longanecker
Field and Fork Farm Manager
Daniel Mainwaring
Instructional Designer I
Photo of Heather J. McAuslane
Heather J. McAuslane
Interim Chair and Professor, Ph.D.
Photo of Britta M. Osborne
Britta M. Osborne
Academic Advisor II
Photo of Katherine A. Passons (Kay)
Katherine A. Passons (Kay)
Photo of Ryan Perez
Ryan Perez
Conference-Event Planner I, B.S.
Terri Perry
Administrative Support Assistant II
Photo of Anna Prizzia
Anna Prizzia
Academic Program Spec III, M.S.
Photo of Malissa H. Redden
Malissa H. Redden
Academic Assistant II
Carolina Saenz-Failach
Academic Advisor I
Photo of Jarred Shellhouse
Jarred Shellhouse
Communications Manager, M.S.
Photo of Aaron J. Sotala
Aaron J. Sotala
Instructional Designer II, B.A.
Photo of Wendy R. Williams
Wendy R. Williams
DIR, Campus IT, B.A.
Photo of Allen F. Wysocki (Al)
Allen F. Wysocki (Al)
Associate Dean and Professor, Ph.D.
Total 32 people.