Photo of Stephanie C. Toelle
Stephanie C. Toelle
County Extension Director and Extension Agent IV, M.S.
Photo of Tonya  K. Ashworth
Tonya K. Ashworth
Extension Agent II, M.B.A.
Photo of Grace E. Carter
Grace E. Carter
Extension Agent I, M.P.A.
Photo of Lawrence T. Figart (Larry)
Lawrence T. Figart (Larry)
Extension Agent II, M.S.
Stephen P. Jennewein
Extension Agent II, Ph.D.
Photo of Natasha M. Parks
Natasha M. Parks
Extension Agent III, M.S.
Photo of Samara A. Purvis
Samara A. Purvis
Extension Agent II, M.S.
Photo of George W. Richardson
George W. Richardson
Extension Agent I, B.S.
Photo of Miranda Bird
Miranda Bird
4-H Program Assistant
Photo of Anna Carter
Anna Carter
Family Nutrition Program Educator, M.A.
Photo of Mary Crosby (Jeannie)
Mary Crosby (Jeannie)
Administrative Support Assistant I
Amaris Daniels
4-H Program Assistant
Candice Deary
Nutrition Educator, B.A.
Photo of Beth Marlowe
Beth Marlowe
Extension Program Assistant
Photo of Meredith  Smith
Meredith Smith
4-H Program Assistant
D'Alicia Straughter
Food Preparation & Preservation Program Assistant
Photo of Tracy Akers Williams
Tracy Akers Williams
Marketing Manager, M.B.A.
Laura J. Davis
Administrative Assistant
Photo of Arlene Eminisor
Arlene Eminisor
Office Assistant
Sarah Freeman
Administrative Assistant
Walter Holmes
Utility Worker
Photo of Stephanie Means
Stephanie Means
Florida Friendly Landscaping Program Assistant
Kate O'Brien
Program Assistant
Sana'a Schuster
Administrative Assistant
Photo of Terri Weaver
Terri Weaver
4-H Foundation Office Manager
Photo of Kevin Eggleston
Kevin Eggleston
OPS Urban Garden Asst
Photo of Savanna C. Barry
Savanna C. Barry
Regional Specialized Agent III, Ph.D.
Ashley Kelly
Extension Program Manager
Izabella M. Michelon Toledo
Extension Assistant Scientist, Ph.D.
Total 29 people.