Photo of Megan N. Brew
Megan N. Brew
County Extension Director and Extension Agent III, M.S.
Photo of Jamielyn C. Daugherty (Jamie)
Jamielyn C. Daugherty (Jamie)
Extension Agent II, M.S.
Photo of Lori A. Johnson
Lori A. Johnson
Extension Agent I, M.S.
Photo of Wendy W. Lynch
Wendy W. Lynch
RSA Extension Agent - Central/Family & Consumer Sci, M.S.
Photo of Dallas A. Meringolo
Dallas A. Meringolo
Extension Agent I, A.S.
Brooke L. Moffis
Extension Agent III, M.S.
Photo of Juanita Popenoe
Juanita Popenoe
Emeritus Extension Agent IV, Ph.D.
Photo of Maggie E. Jarrell
Maggie E. Jarrell
Office Manager
Photo of Stephanie J. Klein
Stephanie J. Klein
Office Associate III
Photo of Karen Maxwell
Karen Maxwell
Office Associate III
Juwanda Rowell
Office Associate III
Total 11 people.