Photo of Edward W. Jennings (Ed)
Edward W. Jennings (Ed)
Emeritus County Extension Director & EA IV, Agricul, M.S.
Photo of Mark W. Warren
Mark W. Warren
Interim County Ext Director and EA III, M.S.
Jessica Emerson
Extension Agent I
Photo of Kristen Brault
Kristen Brault
Administrative Support Assistant II
Elizabeth Cannon
Agricultural Technician
Photo of Barbara L. Edmonds
Barbara L. Edmonds
Extension Program Assistant
Photo of Jennifer Munden
Jennifer Munden
Administrative Support Assistant I
Photo of Ariane  M. Horton
Ariane M. Horton
Office Manager
Michelle Young
OPS 4-H Summer Camp Assistant
Photo of Kevin R. Athearn
Kevin R. Athearn
Regional Specialized Agent III, Ph.D.
Photo of Savanna C. Barry
Savanna C. Barry
Regional Specialized Agent III, Ph.D.
Photo of Robert C. Hochmuth (Bob)
Robert C. Hochmuth (Bob)
Extension Agent IV, M.S.
Izabella M. Michelon Toledo
Extension Assistant Scientist, Ph.D.
Leslie N. Sturmer
Extension Agent IV, M.S.
Total 14 people.