Photo of Lee Hayes Byron
Lee Hayes Byron
County Extension Director and Prg Ext Agent II, M.S.
Photo of Emma Bittar
Emma Bittar
Program Assistant
Photo of Michael D'Imperio
Michael D'Imperio
Extension Agent I, M.S.
Photo of Sarah W. Davis
Sarah W. Davis
Extension Agent II, M.S.
Photo of Ashley Ellis
Ashley Ellis
Extension Agent I, B.S.
Photo of Rodney Greder (Rod)
Rodney Greder (Rod)
Extension Agent III, Ph.D.
Photo of Jacqueline Lebouitz (Jackie)
Jacqueline Lebouitz (Jackie)
Program County Extension Agent I
Photo of Randall A. Penn (Randy)
Randall A. Penn (Randy)
Program Extension Agent III, M.S.
Photo of Maria Portelos-Rometo
Maria Portelos-Rometo
Extension Agent IV, Ed.D.
Photo of Armando J. Ubeda
Armando J. Ubeda
Extension Agent II, M.S.
Photo of Siri Khalsa
Siri Khalsa
Extension Program Manager
Photo of Dina Sizemore
Dina Sizemore
Program Assistant
Photo of Devin Beede
Devin Beede
Energy Upgrade Specialist
Photo of Katherine Clements
Katherine Clements
Ecology & Natural Resources Educator
Photo of Katie Erenati
Katie Erenati
Operations Manager
Photo of Alia Garrett
Alia Garrett
Sustainability Outreach Coordinator
Photo of Karen Geis
Karen Geis
Volunteer Coordinator & Community Liaison
Photo of Mindy Hanak
Mindy Hanak
Community Gardens Coordinator
Photo of Forest Hecker
Forest Hecker
Florida-Friendly Landscaping Outreach Specialist
Photo of Arnetta Hilton (AJai)
Arnetta Hilton (AJai)
Communications Associate
Photo of Sara Kane
Sara Kane
Sustainability and Resilience Manager
Photo of Kayla Kennedy
Kayla Kennedy
Administrative Specialist I
Photo of Kevin O'Horan
Kevin O'Horan
Communications & Marketing Coordinator
Photo of Zahir Ringgold Cordes
Zahir Ringgold Cordes
Environmental Education and Outreach Program Assist
Total 24 people.