Photo of Shane T. Michael
Shane T. Michael
County Extension Director and Extension Agent III, M.S.
Wanda Adorno
Extension Agent I, B.A.
Photo of Karen E. Henry
Karen E. Henry
Extension Agent III, M.N.M
Photo of Kaydie G. McCormick
Kaydie G. McCormick
Extension Agent II, M.S.
Photo of Tina L. McIntyre
Tina L. McIntyre
Extension Agent II, M.S.
Photo of Morgan G. Pinkerton
Morgan G. Pinkerton
Extension Agent II, D.P.M.
Photo of James K. Yarborough (JK)
James K. Yarborough (JK)
Extension Agent I, M.S.
Photo of Julie B. England
Julie B. England
Emeritus Extension Agent III, M.S.
Markel Bradley
Customer Service Representative
Meredith Brown
4-H Program Specialist
Kelly Field
Management Support Specialist
Photo of Elizabeth A. Felter (Liz)
Elizabeth A. Felter (Liz)
Extension Agent IV, Ph.D.
Total 12 people.